Beware the Dana Barros Syndrome

Remember him? I do because I’m old enough to remember players like him in the NBA. Barros was a good enough player drafted out of Boston College.

He had a few good years but he played for a bad team in the pre-Iverson and Barkley years. He put up some good numbers by playing for a bad team and he was signed to a big money contract with the Celtics. He went to Boston and he reverted back to the player he always was. The Celtics over-reached by paying big bucks for a middling player and they got middling stats.

The Wizards have followed the Dana Barros syndrome for years. I’ll only go back as far as Gilbert Arenas but there are plenty of examples before that. Gilbert was an exciting player, hurt his knee (badly) and the Wiz gave him a bunch of money because they felt that had to. Fast forward to John Wall (no outside jump shot after 5 years in the league), Otto Porter (a complete role player) and Bradley Beal (overweight and too short) and the Wiz hung onto a strategy of overpaying because they had the money to do so.

Hey Wiz, over-paying average players just because is a bad strategy. It’s better to cut your losses and try to find better players than to hamstring the payroll by paying guys to be average.

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  1. 2 and 6 to start the season. Beal is piling up the stats in another losing season. The plan remains: hope Beal stays healthy; hope Rui is an NBA starter; hope the Israeli kid can double double; hope next years 8th pick in the draft can start. Draft Beal now.

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