Trent Williams Part II

So Trent Williams continues his holdout. I truly thought he wouldn’t be dumb enough to give up 1/3 of his contract because he didn’t like playing for a losing team. I was wrong. The question becomes “What’s next?”

Trent Williams is well on the back side of his career. His playing time and effectiveness has diminished over the last 3 years and now he’s been sitting around for most of 2019 doing who knows what. The trade deadline is October 30 and his value to the team has become less and less. The team now has a disincentive to play him because they are terrible and his presence doesn’t really help him win and the non-payment on his contract is a savings.

I still think he’s going to report to the team prior to the deadline. I thought he’d be playing for the Skins but it looks like he’ll be traded at the last minute. At that point, he becomes someone else’s problem as I will predict he will be a complete bust at that point. There’s a good reason why he hasn’t been traded when so many other problems have been moved for good value. He’s just not that good. He was a good player for a really bad team and no one else is as dumb as the Redskins when it comes to over paying and over evaluating players.